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April 16, 2014 07:24 PM UTC
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GateTrade offers three categories of reports to the GateTrade community. The three categories are:

All these reports are used by many within the GateTrade community to exploit opportunities within the commodities markets.

Free Reports:

The Free Report consists of Asia mid-day price data. Many exchanges and commodity price information is listed including: The Asian Currencies and Euro to US Dollar, Asian Stock Exchanges, Petroleum Oil Prices, E-CBOT, Dalian Commodity Exchange, MDEX and Physical Oil Prices closing prices. These reports are available to GateTrade members and non-members.

To see the Free Reports, please click here.

Member-Only Reports:

The Member-Only Reports consist of the USA Closing and Asia Closing market price information.

The USA closing information includes the Dow, Currencies (US Dollar, Sin Dollar, Japanese Yen, Indo Rupiah), Petroleum Oil, CBOT, Crude Palm Oil, Crude Coconut, Crude Palm Kernel Oil, Crude Rapeseed Oil, and Malaysian RBDP Olein closing prices.

The Asia closing information includes the Asian Currencies and Euro to US$, Asian Stock Exchanges, Petroleum Oil Prices, E-CBOT, Dalian Commodity Exchange, MDEX, and Physical Oil Prices closing prices.

To see the Member Only reports be sure to log in (Click Here to log-in if you have not already logged in) and then click here to view the Member Only Reports.

Exclusive Reports:

The Exclusive Reports consist of in depth daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that provide insight into many markets. These reports are available only to GateTrade members and are available on a monthly subscription basis.

The reports include technical market and supply demand analysis for:

  • BMD Crude Palm Oil
  • Malaysian Palm Oil
  • CBOT Palm Complex
  • Sunflower
For a more detailed description and examples of these reports, please click here.
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